Making a Difference, One Dog at a Time!

Here at Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue it has always
been about the dogs.   
It still is. 
Which is why we are revamping our social media to be about them, and not about the smaller things in Life.
COSR was built from the ground up without the modern day social media sites.  We saved dogs for many years without the help of Facebook or even a complete website.  It has just been in the past three years that we have begun to rely on them,  so we know our future changes will only prove that we are here because we have the best interest of the dogs at heart.  
We have continued to conduct business as usual unwavering in the satisfaction of knowing that we will prevail.
We have hundreds of you to thank for that. 
Our support continues to grow each day from
all over the world. 
Our standards are what keep you here with us and also the reason we continue to grow. 
We appreciate all of you! 
Our intakes are still coming in, and our adoptions are
proceeding just as fast. 
Congratulations to all new adopters, you are now part of our family.  But most of all, congratulations to our four footed ones who needed us to find them their perfect, safe, forever home.  We have accomplished our mission with you all. 
Our dogs will always have the best homes, the best care, and the best of everything!  
After all.....It's All About the Dogs!


Below is the link for our Paypal donations. 
Your continued support is overwhelming and very much appreciated! Thank you for standing with us and behind us as we continue to focus on what is important.....the dogs. 
The link below can be used for our Forever Fosters and for our adoptable dogs, as well. 
All donations go directly to their care; vet visits, food, medications, etc. 
We thank you, but most of all, the dogs thank you for wanting to be a part of their forever lives.